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Juntos levamos o seu projeto mais longe! Só uma equipa especializada em áreas de negócio concretas consegue fazer o seu projeto crescer. Acrescentamos valor ao seu projeto.

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  • Portugal

    Portugal, officially the Portuguese Republic, is the most western country in Europe ...

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  • Singapure

    Officialy known as Repblic of Singapore, Singapore is a city-state situated in ...

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  • United Arab Emirates

    Situated in the southeast of the Arabic Peninsula, this confederation of arab ...

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  • Mozambique

    Mozambique, officialy Republic of Mozambique, is situated in Southeast Africa and was ...

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  • Morocco

    Morocco, officially Kingdom of Morocco, is situated in Northern Africa and is ...

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  • Chile

    Chile, officialy Republic of Chile, is situated in Latin America and has ...

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  • Ireland

    Ireland, officially Republic of Ireland, became a republic in 1949. Situated in ...

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  • United Kingdom

    The United Kingdom is a sovereign state situated in Northwestern Europe bordering ...

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Our highly trained team of specialists in key business areas aims to provide the best services to our clients. Up To Start integrates Customer Managers, Business Managers, Financial Professionals, Lawyers, Programmers, Designers and Architects. Together we turn your project into reality! Your project can only be well succeeded with a specialized team as ours.

We have a young team but sufficiently qualified (at a master's degree level) to add value to your project.

We provide expert business planning consultancy. We support medium and large scale investment projects; we help companies in their pursuit for businesse expansion abroad. Up To Start has a legal support department which gives special attention to tax and international law. We also have a design and web development department as well as a a marketing and architecture department. Our work and commitment are unique and customized.

We enjoy working in every project we embrace. It's part of our nature to have pride in our work: And we do it the right way because we simply love what we do. This has been the key for the gowth of our company and a major appealing aspect to our great clients. We are proud of our company and of the work developed and believe that the results of our hard work are clear to everyone.

We consider ourselves a medium sized consultancy company but with an extraordinary global reach. We are headquartered in Lisbon (Av. Da Liberdade) but also have business unit locations in Luanda, Dubai, New York and Singapore.

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Internation Fiscal Association
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